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About 3i

Maritime applications

Organizations such as Police, harbourmasters, and environmental agencies have shown an interest in monitoring of movements and activities of ships in the Channel and southern North Sea. Currently (manned) aircraft, radar, and automatic buoys are deployed for this purpose, but unmanned systems offer a cost effective alternative for these systems.

Prototype UAV

The 3i-project has delivered a prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle and contributed to the knowledge base on uav’s and their application for maritime security. Results from the 3i-project are freely available in order to support further development of uav’s and to deliver a competitive advantage to European technical organizations .

Activities 3i project

The 3i project was divided into several activities. First there was a research and development phase, with the objective to derive the specifications for the prototype aircraft. Next the prototype aircraft and ground station have been assembled by the project partners.  The project partners further communicated the project results in several public events and demonstrations. The project has ended in September 2014. Thanks to the unique combination of international research institutes, SME, scientific research has been linked directly with the experience and insight of entrepeneurs. Thanks to the contribution of users of the UAV the research mainly demand-driven. The international 3i project has created knowledge of UAV for maritime security applications and had contributed to the development of the technology as well as the business case in Europe. The results of 3i will be used in a new project BeRISUAS that explores the use of UAV for Fire Brigades (www.berisuas.eu).