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The main project activities are:

Research and development
In Activity 1, the research and development back‐bone phase, 7 joint Research Programs will be executed. Research topics are: applications and scenarios for unmanned aircraft (eg. search and rescue, border and smuggling control, environmental control etc.) and sub‐topics of unmanned aircraft technology (eg. flight control, data communication, man‐machine interface, regulation). One of the goals of the research and development phase is to develop specifications of a prototype UAV system, to be built and tested by the partners that is a project laboratory for the developed innovations and subsequently can be used for real‐live demonstration of maritime safety scenarios.

Build & Test phase
In Activity 2, the Build & Test phase, the project partners will deliver knowledge and supply materials in order to design and assemble the joint prototype UAV at the joint project‐office. Within this activity also several computer simulations of maritime safety scenarios will be performed.

Demo phase
In Activity 3, the Demo phase, the joint prototype UAV‐system will perform various demonstrations in the 2Seas area (eg. Harbor & Coast of Rotterdam, Coast of Kent, Port of Dover, Brittany Coast). The public sector project partners will host the demonstrations in their area, whereas the scientific & specialist partners will set up a joint test team to technically prepare and perform the demonstrations. Supported by a Communication & dissemination activity and a Projectmanagement ad coordination activity