Groundstation and drone

INFOPOL is trade fair for the equipment of police surveillance ande security services. The most specialized companies - ranging from transportation, personal outfitting and armament tot communication equipment, robbery prevention and traffic surveillance  - present their most recent products and services at INFOPOL, april 21, 22 and 23.

During INFOPOL, the 3i moblile groundstation and drone will be presented. April 22, special attention will be paid to the potential of dromes for public-private security purposes. The BERISUAS partners (collaboration 3i and MIRG) will also give an presentation.

3i led to a collaboarion with the 2seas MIRG Project. The partners call themselves BERISUAS (Better Response and Improved Safety through Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The goal of this joint opportunity is to capitalize and solve a common challenge: how can UAS be used for better response and improved safety at sea. In November 2014 an international convention took place in Woensdrecht, the Netherlands. Nearly 100 attendees were welcomed.

During INFOPOL, the BERISUAS partners will present themselves through demos and presentations. On april 22, special attention will be paid to drones. The results of the first phase of BERISUAS will be presented.

April, 21, 22 and 23
9.30 to 17.00
Kortrijk Xpo
Kortrijk - Belgium