Tips on Writing an Effective Essay Introduction

A good introduction gives a clear and complete concept of what the whole essay is about. It should be informative and engaging, giving the reader as much information on the topic as possible. What are the primary goals of the essay introduction? To catch the attention of the reader, give the context of the topic, and highlight its importance. Follow simple steps to develop your writing skills or advance the existing ones.

Hook the Reader

The first and the most significant task of the writer is to create an excellent first sentence that sets a tone for the whole essay. It is your opportunity to impress the reader and make him/her stay and review the whole essay. Short, clear, and catchy sentences should be used instead of sweeping claims and clichés. Opt for the optimal introduction writing strategy that is suitable for your topic and style of writing. A broad summary, question, or a quick anecdote can help you win the reader’s favor and make him interested in the following content. Feel the difference between the genres of the essay you are working on. Answering the question "is ashley madison legit in the US?" you need to stay creative and use efficient strategies to attract the reader. Contrary to it, more scientific essays require reserved and serious style, a limited number of colloquial phrases, and informal words.

Provide the Background of Your Topic

Once you have clarified the topic of your essay, you need to proceed to the next stage, giving basic information about the subject. Summary, definition, or results of studies may be used, depending on the type of essay you write. Do not present arguments and broad explanations, but rather give short and clear sentences that will help the reader get the main idea of the topic.

Set Your Priorities

Once you have given the general information about the subject, you need to concentrate your attention on details. Narrow down your focus and present the key concept of the essay. It is the time to show your priorities and give a clear idea of what point of view you follow in the text. It is called a thesis statement, the purpose of which is, to sum up, your ideas and arguments and offer them in two-three simple sentences.
This is one of the most important parts of the introduction the student should pay the most attention to. Make the reader aware of what aspect of the subject you will address and which view you will hold. Irrespective of the essay you are working at, it is essential to be flexible and take maximum effort to meet the expectations of the readers.

Revise and Keep Working

Once you are done with the thesis statement, you should write a concluding sentence that will generalize and summarize the whole paragraph. The final step is to check and review the introduction before you move to the body. Make sure the arguments in your paragraphs correlate well with the introduction. Additionally, make sure the last contains only relevant and indispensable information.